Saturday, 18 December 2010

A wee bit o' Seuss, for the end of 2010

Oh, up on high
on the top of Mount Mousie,
our Cat Hero now lives
wearing waistcoat and trousies.

His computer woes
were all finally sorted
and the processes were aborted.

With suitcase of beer
and curry take-away,
he hiked up yon mountain
he did it today.

And now he's well hidden
on top of Mount Mousie.
The view is astounding
when the weather's not lousy.

He's abandoned the missus
the wretched old sod
he lives now on liver
and salted dried cod.

Why did he do this?
You ask, so I'll tell ya:
Our Cat Hero boy
Is in love with a fella.

The realization quite boggled him,
He's quite puzzled, true.
And so he's retreated,
to think these things through.

What will Jimmy Cat do?
How will his life play out?
I don't know for sure,
That cantankerous old trout.

In the meantime he's stationed
on Mount Mousie's top,
doing his best Grinch impersonation
(I wish he would stop).

And that is the latest,
of Jimmy Cat and his beer.
If you know any more,
Please write it down here.