Friday, 26 October 2007


The cats hair flattened when it saw its hero, Space Cat lope out of the space craft. Pussy had had strange dreams about Space Cat ever since she was fed odd shaped pellets as a kitten. She had tried a few, but they had made her ill, not noticing 'slug pellets' written on the box. (well, being a pussy, and female, she couldn't read).

Space Cat came sauntering over with that on your back look in his eyes. "Hi, babe." he purred,"Fancy a trip?"

"Where to, Space Cat, where to?" she mewed seductively.

"Now, that would be telling........................"

Thursday, 25 October 2007

The Cat Sat On The Mat

It might have been stuffed, but for the fact that its tail occasionally twitched back and forth. Through half-closed eyes, it surveyed the room around it.

A small stove in one corner crackled with the sound of burning wood. Beside it, some wet clothes had been hung up to dry: a rather naff wooly jumper, some tattered blue jeans, a pair of off-white socks.

Below the grimy window, a sink was piled high with dirty dishes. The cat really wasn't in the mood to wash dishes right now, but it could hear a faint scratching sound coming from just outside the window.

The cat yawned, stretched nonchalantly and padded across the room. Leaping up on the counter, it peered through the one clean window pane.

What it saw made its hair stand on end.